Who we are

QCM is a team of professional individuals that love to make improvements in an optimistic environment. We are highly skilled and experienced within IT, ­both in terms of tool capabilities and organisation effectivity (both doing the right thing and do it in an efficient way) ­and how business can utilise IT support to be efficient. Together we provide both broadness and deep in competence and capability.

What we do

We assist companies and organisations to improve their way of working.

QCM is part of the Qgroup organisation and we share common values. All individuals in QCM are independent as consultants and have a solid reputation. However, using tools as ”Your Professional Reputation” and ”The Quest”, and by encouraging networking and collaboration, our goal is to become even stronger ­ person by person.


Ulf Asklund

Senior Consultant in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and Configuration Management

Ulf’s energy and enthusiasm to make things work and to improve can’t be mistaken. To really understand the drivers for a change, successfully analyse possible solutions, or to propose and give the foundation for decisions that really influence, will ”make his day”. The possibilities to help and improve are many – ­ sometimes it is students learning design and architecture, sometimes it is senior staff in industry taking decisions about PLM solutions.

Lena Hoffmann

Senior Consultant in SW Configuration Management

Lena has extensive experience of Tools Administration and Configuration Management in multi-site environments. Her high ambition to always find the best solution in each individual case is achieved through close collaboration with the customer. Many years in a multicultural environment has developed recognized skills in communication and an ability to deliver first class results. Lena’s good support empowers users to better understand the environment they are working in.

Therese Bülow

Senior Consultant in Digital Transformation and Service Management

Therese loves improvement and optimisation in general, and value­driven initiatives leading to less administration and bureaucracy in particular. Strategic direction is a good starting point; process, organisation, roles and service orientation could be areas to continue with.
Therese is an appreciated consultant and trainer with long experience within Service Management and IT management.

Jan Andersson

Senior Consultant in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Jan has a background in many Senior roles including Line Manager, Project Manager and Business Analyst. One, very relevant, professional experience is his role as main Project Manager for a PLM project at Sony Ericsson (later Sony Mobile) in which a completely new PLM system, based on the ENOVIA platform from Dassault Systèmes, together with a new Product Information Management Standard was implemented and rolled-out throughout the global organization. Jan was engaged as Project Manager from the start of this project and was at the same time Line Manager for the IT organization responsible for the PLM solution, including both development and Application Management support.

Jörgen Ekblad

Senior Consultant in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Jörgen is an experienced Senior Manager, Consultant and PLM Professional working mainly within Configuration Management, Product Lifecycle Management and Document Management and has experience from large global companies. He has been driving and owning the strategies for PLM related challenges for product configuration of commercial products. He is highly experienced in line, project and process management, but also understand the huge importance of people change management within complex global organizations to be able to drive and implement new or changed ways of working.

Rebecca Roos

Senior Consultant in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Rebecca is a Senior Engineer with vast experience working within a global company. She has successfully managed several global cross-functional improvement projects, from pre-study to completed implementation, covering both business processes and tool chain changes. Rebecca has also been the roll out responsible for the PLM system in a global and cross-functional organization.  She is a quick learner of complex organizations, systems and business models and has extensive experience in change management and process management on a global and cross-functional scale. Her strength lies in being able to work in all aspects of an improvement initiative – both as a team member and a leader.

Martin Lundqvist

Senior Consultant in Configuration  Management and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Martin is an experienced CM Professional working in Software Configuration Management, Software build system management, and Information architecture. Normally working tight together with R&D and business with software focus developing a valid strategy easy to anchor among engineers and management, plan and implement.
Martin is strong experienced in team and line leadership and experience in building new teams in big global and multi-cultural environments and in fast-growing small companies. He has experience of building support infrastructure for very fast growing software organizations from the ground up with high focus on efficiency and usability.
High ability to work with change management on all levels. Used to work in ever changing environments driving the adaption and change of processes, ways of working and tools by being humble and making sure the affected people understand and embrace the change.

Andreas Göransson

Senior Consultant in SW Configuration Management

Andreas is a very experienced software development professional with Software Configuration Management (SCM), Software integration, and Software Build Systems as specialty. He has been working on different levels from developer, team lead, mentor and Enterprise SCM Architect in big, global, multi-site and multi-cultural projects or organizations. Andreas has a solid theoretical background within Configuration Management and years of hands on experience. He is always working towards a streamlined process and working environment that is agreed by all stakeholders.

Åse Bejram Elofsson

Senior Consultant in Service Management

Åse has for many years worked in local and global IT organizations with communication, project management and development of support and education functions. Important challenges in all change efforts are to have a well-defined target, a scope and a plan to reach the goal. Communication in all forms is key to success. It is about setting expectations and implementing changes with the right level of commitment, also from the business, and giving the right information to the right people at the right time and implementing the change with the least possible disruption of the business. Åse is structured, efficient and working from an overall perspective and is perceived as positive, inspirational and educational. “Over the years, my task has been to make technology and structure understandable and clear to us ordinary employees and take the target image from start to finish.”

Mats Edström

Senior Consultant in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and Document Management

Mats has an extensive experience in operational development, identifying business needs and how support systems can help the business, especially in the area of document management and product lifecycle management. He has been working as project manager for the business implementation of IT systems, analyzing business requirements in order to secure business relevance and change management. He is used to working in a global environment and taking different cultures into consideration in his work. Customer focus has been among his priorities.
Mats is a positive person who enjoys finding solutions that help his colleagues. His technical background has been very valuable in order to analyze the root cause of problems and find suitable solutions. Presenting energizes him and he has a lot of experience in training both at work as well as on his spare time.